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Crack German language exam in First Attempt:

Looking to crack German language exams? Our German language coaching classes are designed to help you achieve success

Ace the German language A1, A2, B1 levels exam on your first try with our proven strategies, personalized study plans, and real-time practice tests.

Have a Better Testing Experience With WEC German Language

German Language Coaching

Experienced education consultants will provide with personalized guidance and support throughout the testing process.

German Language Coaching

We offer a wide range of resources, including practice tests, study materials, and tips and strategies to help you excel in your exams.

German Language Coaching

Have the opportunity to simulate the testing environment and receive detailed feedback on your performance, enabling you to identify areas for improvement.

German Language Coaching

We will provide you with exam-specific strategies and techniques to maximize your scores and optimize your testing experience.

About German Language Preparation

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages was created by the Council of Europe to establish a benchmark for language proficiency. This six-tiered system, called the CEFR, describes language proficiency levels ranging from "Basic" to "Proficient." The four domains of language use—speaking, writing, reading, and listening—are used to assess language learners.

A1 (Lower Beginner): At the A1 level, you should be able to understand simple German sentences  and recognize basic words that describe yourself and the world around you.

A2 (Upper Beginner): You can relate information about your job, your family, and your basic needs at the A2 level. You can understand practical materials like train schedules. You can also comprehend short written and spoken messages.

B1 (Lower Intermediate): At the B1 level, you can start to enjoy more German media, grasping the main ideas of TV or radio programs that have slow and clear narration. Your written and spoken expressions also become more sophisticated.

B2 (Upper Intermediate): Reaching the B2 level means that you can appreciate German media more fully, although you might still struggle with fast dialogue or idiomatic expressions. Your use of German is more nuanced at this level. 

C1 (Lower Advanced): At the C1 level, your use and understanding of German becomes more intuitive. You can read deeper into the German you see and hear, engaging in more complex conversations and enjoying more native-level media.

C2 (Upper Advanced/Fluent): Your mastery at the C2 level lets you produce and understand highly complex German. This is close to native-level German fluency. Even accents from different parts of the German-speaking world don’t throw you off.

About German Language Preparation

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Why choose German Language by WEC

German Language Coaching

Learn German with expert instructors at WEC and unlock new opportunities for personal and professional growth

1. Expert Resources: To properly prepare for the German Language and do well in every part, you may access a multitude of practice questions, study guides, and example questions.

2. Professional Advice: Get individualised advice and assistance from knowledgeable teachers who will offer insightful feedback to help you advance and meet your target score.

realistic practice tests help you become more comfortable and confident in your ability to speak German. This will help you feel prepared and at ease on test day.

Free German prep material to improve your score

German Language Coaching

Explore our vast collection of free German Language practice tests, letter samples, and vocabulary exercises to improve your score and do well on the test.

German Language Coaching

Use our free German Language speaking prompts, writing advice, and listening activities to improve your performance and get a higher score.

German Language Coaching

To improve your skills and raise your score overall, immerse yourself in our free German speaking activities, grammar drills, and reading comprehension passages.


A : A1, A2

Elementary use of Language

B : B1, B2

Independent use of Language

C : C1, C2

Anonymous language ability

Training Modules

Part 1 :

30 Minutes


German Language Coaching
German Language Coaching

Part 2 :

30 Minutes


Part 3 :

30 Minutes


German Language Coaching
German Language Coaching

Part 4 :

10 Minutes


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    German Language FAQs

    Is it possible to take a language lesson for free in Germany?
    Germany also provides low-cost and free quality tuition education. That’s correct, you can effectively study German for free in Germany! It’s the ideal destination for students on a restricted budget who want to study languages abroad.
    What exactly is a German proficiency test?
    The German proficiency exam is an international standardized test that assesses German competency in those who do not speak German as their first language. Whether you are a seasoned learner or just starting, you may demonstrate your German skills by completing a language competence test.
    Which German certificates are recognised in Germany?
    The Goethe-Institut certificate (Zertifikat) is internationally recognised as a German language certification, and it can be used in Germany for a visa, residence permit, and citizenship applications, as well as university entrance requirements.
    What level of German language proficiency is required for employment in Germany?
    If you want to work in Germany, you’ll be fine if your German is at the B1/B2 level (online test). GLS’s certificate is accepted by numerous employers and even several German institutions.
    What exactly is the German alphabet?
    The German alphabet consists of 26 letters, a ligature (ß), and three umlauts (,, Ü). Not only do we use the German alphabet in Germany, but also in Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg. Vokale are the five German alphabet letters A, E, I, O, and U. (vowels).