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From Beaches to Books, Australia is a perfect destination for students.

Study Abroad Australia, one of the most prominent lands in the Southern hemisphere, has been considered an extremely desirable destination for many decades among students looking to study abroad across the world.

Having a land area similar to the size of the United States of America, Australia boasts its own fair share of natural landmarks unique to it, such as the Great Barrier Reef and Bondi Beach. But beyond all these, what Australia is known most for is the excellence of its Universities and Research Institutions, which are considered to be among the best in the world. 6th Largest Country & Biggest Island in the world. 2,500,000 International alumni of Australia are making a difference around the world. When you choose to study abroad Australia, you not only gain access to world-class education but also become part of a vibrant and influential academic community. For those looking to pursue an abroad study in Australia, the country offers a unique blend of academic excellence, natural beauty, and global opportunities that make it an ideal destination for international education.

Discover Australia

Study Abroad Australia, Abroad Study in Australia

Facts About Australia


February & July

No.of Universities

more than 1,100 institutions

Number of International Students

over 567,947

Indian Diaspora in Australia

As of July 2022, 96,000

Average Tuition Fee

20k to 45k AUD

Average Cost of Living

AUD 1500 per month

Top Courses

Study Abroad Australia

Business and Management Courses

Study Abroad Australia

Science and Technology

Study Abroad Australia


Study Abroad Australia


Study Abroad Australia


Study Abroad Australia


Study Abroad Australia

Life sciences

Study Abroad Australia

Artificial Intelligence

Study Abroad Australia

Environmental Science

Study Abroad Australia

Finance and Accounting

Scholarship to Study in Australia

Australian Government Research and Training Program (AGRTP)

Funded by the Australian Government, it covers a student’s tuition fee and health insurance for up to three years Supports a student’s (local and international) Research Doctorate and Research Master’s degree

Australia Awards

Funded by the Department of Education and the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) and the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT)

Aims to provide students from developing regions an opportunity to pursue their UG/PG program at participating universities in Australia and Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutions

Destination Australia

This scholarship aims to encourage international students to study in regional Australia to regionally develop tertiary education providers in Australia and provide a learning experience to its students

John Allwright Fellowship (JAF)

Provides scientists from partner countries engaged in the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) research projects with the opportunity to obtain postgraduate qualifications at Australian tertiary institutions

Admission Requirement

Study Abroad Australia

10TH and 12TH all marksheets and transcripts

Study Abroad Australia

Statement of purpose

Study Abroad Australia

Letter of recommendations

Study Abroad Australia


Study Abroad Australia

IELTS/PTE or any other English language test result scorecard

Study Abroad Australia

Valid passport

Study Abroad Australia

Work experience(if have)

Study Abroad Australia

Bachelor mark sheet

Intake & Deadline
Summer SemesterFebruaryOctober
Winter SemesterJulyApril
Entry Requirement
Academic Level English Test Band / Score
Bachelor Degree IELTS / TOEFL / PTE6.0 BAND / 80 SCORE / 52 SCORE
Master Degree IELTS / TOEFL / PTE6.5 BAND / 85 SCORE / 58 SCORE
Cost of Study
Sr. No.Australia Study ProgramAverage fees in AUD*
1School$7,800 to $30,000 annually
2English language studies$350-450 weekly (varies as per course length)
3Vocational Education and Training (Certificates I to IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma)$4000 – $22,000 annually
4Undergraduate Bachelor’s degree$15,000 – $35,000 annually
5Postgraduate Master’s Degree$20,000 – $42,000 annually
6Doctoral Degree
$20,000 – $42,000 annually (attractive scholarships up to 100% available with living grants on meeting the university requirements)
Cost of Living in Australia
Sr. No.Living expensesWeekly budget (indicative)
1Groceries and eating out$140 to $280
2Gas, electricity$10 to $20
3Phone and Internet$15 to $30
4Public transport$30 to $60
5Car (after purchase)$150 to $260
6Entertainment$80 to $150

Study Abroad Australia FAQs

Is Australia costly for Indian students?

When calculating the estimated cost of studying in Australia, it’s important to consider various expenses such as accommodation, food, health coverage, travel, and tuition fees. [Study Abroad Australia]

The average annual tuition fees at tertiary institutions in Australia typically range between AUD 20,000 and AUD 30,000. Therefore, before departing from India, make sure to factor in these additional expenses to get a comprehensive understanding of the overall cost of studying in Australia. 

How much can I earn in Australia as a student?

The Government has announced an increase to the part -time working hour cap for international students, while studying, from 40 to 48 hours per fortnight, from 1 July 2023. [Study Abroad Australia]

What is 485 post-study work stream visa?

The Australian Government now offers an exciting post-study work stream visa that allows you to extend your stay and work in Australia for a longer period. With this visa, you have the opportunity to study, live, and work in designated regional areas of the country for up to five years. [Study Abroad Australia]

This update opens up new possibilities for planning your career, as you have access to a wider range of areas to study and work in, along with the benefit of an extended duration for your post-study work visa. It’s a fantastic opportunity to enhance your career prospects and make the most of your time in Australia.

How much Australian student visa cost?

To study in Australia, the first step is to secure a valid student visa that comes with its own costs (AUD 650). [Study Abroad Australia]

What is the GTE to study in Australia?

The term GTE, or Genuine Temporary Entrant, refers to a process used by Australia to assess the authenticity of student visa applicants and prevent any misuse of visas for illegal migration.

Often referred to as an “”integrity measure”” or an “”integrity assessment document,”” GTE is a crucial component of your student visa application. It helps determine your genuine intent to study in Australia. [Study Abroad Australia]

How studying Regional Australia beneficial for me?

The growth and development of regional Australia can be attributed to several factors, including the introduction of over 1,000 regional scholarships and the implementation of graduate visas that grant up to 8 years of Post-Study Work (PSW) rights after graduation. [Study Abroad Australia]

Institutions located in regional Australia offer a range of benefits, including a pleasant lifestyle, personalised university experiences, breathtaking landscapes, and abundant employment opportunities.

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