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Allure To Indian Students Study Abroad in United Kingdom

Allure To Indian Students Study Abroad in United Kingdom
  • December 25, 2023
  • WEC Team
Study Abroad in United Kingdom - Several of history's brightest minds have chosen to study in the UK. The UK is among the greatest places for you to pursue your professional goals because one in four world leaders had their university education there. The United Kingdom is home to some of the most prestigious and historic universities in the world, including the University of Cambridge and Oxford.

Indians continued to be the most common nationality in 2023, accounting for over 25% of all study visas given (133,237, a 5% increase from the previous year).

How does this demonstrate the UK's allure to Indian students study abroad in United Kingdom?

The UK is a popular destination for international scholars because of its renowned universities, dynamic culture, and diverse population. One of the biggest groups of international students studying in the UK comes from India, according to data on student visas. [Study Abroad in United Kingdom]

For Indian Students Study Abroad in United Kingdom, The UK Stands Out For The Following Reasons:

Academic Excellence:

The United Kingdom boasts a large number of internationally renowned universities with top-notch faculty, cutting-edge education, and innovative teaching techniques. UK universities consistently rank highly in the world because they provide excellent learning opportunities and place a high priority on the full development of skills necessary for employment and achievement in the global economy. [Study Abroad in United Kingdom]

Cost of Education:

With one-year master's programmes available and a plethora of scholarship opportunities, including British Council Women in STEM scholarships, Charles Wallace India Trust scholarships, GREAT scholarships, and Chevening scholarships, UK higher learning is more alluring to Indian students than other study abroad destinations. Universities provide a great deal more scholarships than this.

Student-Friendly Policies:

The Graduate Route visa and the India-UK agreement on reciprocal acceptance of educational credentials are two examples of supportive policies that show the UK's commitment to supporting overseas students.

Supportive Environment:

A supportive community is fostered by UK institutions to assist students in their academic endeavors, personal development, and smooth transition into university life. The National Health Service (NHS) offers top-notch medical care as well as on-campus mental health resources. Furthermore, a lot of special interest groups and clubs enable an overseas student to explore interests outside of the classroom.

What particular academic offerings or courses set the study abroad in United Kingdom apart from other nations in the eyes of Indian students?

Business and engineering are still the most popular undergraduate and graduate topics, but in recent years, students have shown a growing interest in social sciences, law, architecture, building, and planning.

The top 10 courses chosen by Indian students in the UK in 2021–2022 are listed below, according to data from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA):

  • Business and management studies
  • Computing
  • Engineering and technology
  • Subjects allied to medicine
  • Social sciences
  • Architecture, building and planning
  • Design and creative and performing arts
  • Law
  • Biological and sport sciences
  • Psychology
We are witnessing some new subject areas including sports management, liberal arts, and humanities in addition to these well-liked courses.

What are the benefits for students in terms of educational quality that come from knowing how well UK universities perform in international rankings like QS and Higher Education rankings?

Some of the most prestigious and well-regarded universities in the world, with degrees and certifications that substantially improve students' employability, are located in the UK. Four UK universities are ranked in the top 10 worldwide by QS World University Rankings 2024, while three UK universities are ranked in the top 10 worldwide by Times Higher Education Rankings 2024.Furthermore, a noteworthy presence of UK universities in their top 200 lists is seen in both rankings, with 27 appearing in the QS World University Rankings 2024 and 25 in the Times Higher Education 2024.These universities' exceptional academic programmes, in addition to their knowledgeable professors, networking opportunities, and resource availability, greatly improve the quality of education students receive and improve their prospects for success in the workforce.

What employment opportunities or career paths are open to Indian students who graduate from UK universities?

Through internships and placements, UK schools help students obtain essential work experience. In actuality, UK graduates rank among the most employable globally, according to the QS Graduate Employability Rankings.Additionally, Indian students can study, work, and live in the UK for two years while developing their professional skills through the Graduate Route and the Young Professional Scheme. This clear link between academic achievement and career advancement has greatly raised Indian students' consideration of the UK.
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