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Canada Student Visa FAQs

Canada Student Visa FAQs
  • November 27, 2023
  • WEC Team
Canada Student Visa FAQs

Que - What conditions must a student visa to Canada meet?

Ans - Acceptance into a course from a recognized educational institution, financial documentation demonstrating your ability to cover your tuition at a Canadian institution, the cost of living for you and any accompanying family members, a clean criminal record, test results for your English language proficiency, a letter of justification, payment of the application fee, etc. are all requirements for obtaining a student visa for Canada. To lower their chances of being turned down, students must adhere to the Canada student visa requirements. If you submit all of your paperwork in a timely manner and meet all of the IRCC's requirements, the processing period for a student visa to Canada will be close to six weeks.

Que - I don't have a student visa; can I still study in Canada?

Ans - A student visa application is required if you want to enroll in any type of academic program in Canada. You must meet certain eligibility standards in order to apply for a student visa to Canada. One of the requirements is acceptance by a DLI. Other prerequisites are a 150 CAD application fee for the Canada student visa, medical test results, proof of English language proficiency, and proof of money. It is encouraged that students begin their applications for study abroad as soon as possible because the processing of student visas for Canada takes time. [Canada Student Visa FAQs]

Que - How can I continue to live in Canada after my studies are finished?

Ans - You must apply for a Post-Study Work Permit (PGWP Canada) once your studies are complete. The length of your course will determine how long the work visa is valid for. Your course must be at least 8 months long in order to be qualified for a work permit. If the length of your course is between eight months and two years, PGWP will be the same as the course length. PGWP may be for three years if the course is two years or longer. You can submit a Canada PR application once you have accumulated enough Canadian work experience.

Que - Does a student visa application require proof of English language proficiency?

Ans - If you are from a nation where English is not the first language, you must submit evidence of your English language ability in the form of IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE test results. If you have applied for an undergraduate degree or a postgraduate degree, make sure your IELTS score is at least 6.0 or 6.5.

Que - How many bands must one have in order to study in Canada?

Ans - Depending on the sort of program you are applying for and the province or region you are applying to, the IELTS requirements for Canadian student visas may change. For instance, IELTS scores for post-graduate studies are often higher than for undergraduate ones. The Canadian High Commission demands 6.0 bands on the IELTS exam with no band lower than 5.5 for an undergraduate degree. Candidate requirements for the postgraduate degree include an overall band average of 6.5 and no band lower than 6.0

Que - How many backlogs are permitted for student visas to Canada?

Ans - Up to five backlogs are permitted at several Canadian universities, but applicants must have received at least a 70% on their undergraduate degree. In addition, if the candidate received a grade point average of 6.5 percent or higher in the undergraduate program, certain universities will accept up to 7 or 8 backlogs for postgraduate degree programs.
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