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Study Abroad: The dos and don’ts of student visa application

Study Abroad: The dos and don’ts of student visa application
  • December 20, 2023
  • WEC Team
Study Abroad in USA Visa - Understanding the dos and don'ts of student visa application and interview is essential, as the refusal rate for Indian students is greater than the national average.Every international student is aware that their study abroad experience doesn't end when they are accepted to their preferred college. Obtaining a study abroad in USA visa can be extremely difficult, particularly for Indian students who have a high refusal rate.

What steps can a student take to make sure their visa application is approved?

The CEO and co-founder of Toronto-based Halp, a tech-enabled platform that coaches prospective international college students, Matthew Mcleallan, outlines the dos and don'ts of applying for a study abroad in USA visa in an exclusive interview.

When is the best time to apply for a study abroad in USA visa?

When should someone apply, for instance, to enroll in the Spring or Summer 2024 session?

The decision-making procedure for a visa should take eight to ten weeks for students. For instance, a person enrolling for summer 2024 should apply to colleges as early as January or February of the same year. Before beginning the visa application process, a student must pay a tuition deposit to the college, which can take two to eight weeks after the acceptance letter is sent. It could take a few days to many months to gather the necessary paperwork for the visa application process. [Study Abroad in USA Visa]If they fulfill the prerequisites, Indian students can apply for Canada's Student Direct Stream (SDS). Students can anticipate hearing back from SDS in as little as ten days.

What are the main dos and don'ts when it comes to study abroad in USA visa?

Have your Identity Proof, Acceptance Proof, and Financial Support Proof, please.Avoid having a passport that expires while you are studying because the period of your study permit is linked to the expiration date of your passport.Applying for your student visa at the last minute is not a good idea. Think ahead three, four, or five months.

How does one get ready for the interview for a visa?

You'll be more at ease at the visa interview if you're more prepared. It is advised that you be prepared to articulate a precise reason and objective for your travel in the nation of your choice. [Study Abroad in USA Visa]

Among the queries to consider are:

  • Why did you select this particular university?
  • What do you hope to achieve after graduation?
  • Have you met the required minimum amount of money?

What are the primary grounds for denial of a student visa?

Rejecting a student visa for the following main reasons

  • Failure to provide a Letter of Acceptance.
  • Insufficient Funds: Generally speaking, you must demonstrate that you have enough money (in the bank, through loans or scholarships) to cover one year's worth of tuition plus living expenses.
  • Inability to provide proof of departure upon completion of studies.
  • Identity problems (expired passport, for example).
  • Poor test results for English proficiency.

Which nation has the highest rate of Indian students being granted or denied a visa?


According to Immigration, Refugees Citizenship Canada (IRCC), over thirty percent of all student visa applications are denied each year. 58% of Canadian study visas were accepted by the IRCC between 2021 and 2022. The IRCC was not persuaded that the applicant will depart Canada at the conclusion of their visit in 94% of study permit refusals for Indian nationals in 2021–2022. [Study Abroad in USA Visa]


35% of all F-1 student visa applications were denied by the US in 2022.Indian students have rejection rates that are higher than average, which may indicate that the country's rapidly increasing application pool contributes to the general trend.

Is it possible to reapply right away if the visa is denied once?

Unless otherwise stated in your decision letter, you are free to reapply at any time. Only reapply if you are able to provide information that you were unable to provide the first time.The majority of the time, you can pay to go over the notes made by the officer who denied you; this will enable you to better understand the reasons behind their rejection and address them in your subsequent application.

Given that the US, UK, Canada, and Australia are the most sought-after locations for Indian students, could you provide a comparative analysis of their respective student visa application processes?

The countries have comparable visa application procedures and timeframes. A valid ID, proof of funds, a letter of acceptance, and the results of an English proficiency test are the fundamental conditions that every nation requests. Living and tuition expenses, however, must be taken into account. For instance, living expenses and tuition at Australian universities are greater, which will impact the amount of financial evidence required of you by the visa officials.

The length of time it takes to process visas has greatly increased recently. How should one proceed?

  • Apply to colleges as soon as you can; letters of acceptance (LOAs) are issued two to eight weeks after the application is submitted. You can reduce your anxiety about missing the start of classes by applying for your visa as soon as possible.
  • The two biggest intake times are September and January; if you apply during an off-intake in April or July, your chances of receiving a visa quickly are higher.
  • If at all possible, use the Student Direct Stream in Canada. Although there are stricter standards for this stream, visas are granted in 20–30 days.
  • A $10,000 Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) and an IELTS score more than 6.0 are among the new prerequisites.

What occurs to the granted visa in the event that a student postpones enrolling at the university for whatever reason?

There is nothing to do if you are from a nation that requires a visa and you have already gotten your visa sticker in your passport to enter Canada. When the IRCC requests that you submit your passport, you can send in both your new admission letter and your passport if you are from a nation where a visa is required and you haven't yet gotten your visa sticker in your passport. 
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